April 2014

CTT Matters - Safety April 2014

This "Newsletter" is an official document published by the National Committee. It contains important information on risk assessments, the reporting of accidents, and the process for the procurement for CTT-approved Cycle Event signage.

Challenge Ed Clancy and win prizes

Here's news of a promotion by Trust Group which gives you a chance to meet Ed Cancy and have a go on a Watt Bike. Prizes include a Skoda and a trip to the Tour de France!

Who does what on this website?

Here is a clarification of who supplies information for this website and whom to contact if corrections are necessary.

Updated Guide to Standards Awards

The NEC of the VTTA has decided that it is not necessary to beat standard in order to claim a Standards Award. Here is a revised guidance note.


Amazing Greys - Veterans on Television

Here's something to look out for on ITV starting from April 12th.

Wrekinsport Hilly on YouTube

You might be interested in the following YouTube videos of the Wrekinsport Hilly held on 1st March