January 2015

Club events

The majority of club events have been approved and can be viewed using the following links:

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Some events are still awaiting approval and organisers will be contacted about those by Steve Walker.  Most queries are to do with incorrect course codes - so if you have applied for club events and they have not been approved the first thing to do is check you have the correct course code.

Midlands Group VTTA Awards Lunch 2014

Tim Wood and Jeff MatthewsNearly 50 VTTA members and their partners gathered together for the Midlands Group Annual Awards Lunch. Alan Coburn, Assistant Group Recorder welcomed everyone by starting with a request, 'would anyone like to take over as Trophy Secretary? It's a fun position and you get to collect all the trophies and exhibit them in your house for a period of time before handing them over. Anyone interested, please see me or Andrew.' Now that Tim and Scott have joined the Committee, it has become much sought after!

All pictures by Steve Walker - see the full gallery here.