February 2015

The Midlands VTTA Group Committee Meeting Minutes of Meeting 5th February 2015

  1. Members Present 

Andrew Simpkins, Alan Colburn, Sue Kelly, Jeff Matthews, Tim Wood, Steve Jenks 


The Welland Trophy for the VTTA/LVRC Time Trial April 18 2015

The Welland TrophyFollowing the recent course correction for the joint event on April 18th, we have just received a beautiful photograph of the brand new “Welland Trophy” that will be presented on the day to the winning team.  Entries, by mail or Internet, to Mike Amery – closing date about 10 days befo


Club Events

Club event organisers please note that the Steve Lockwood has taken over the job of district club events secretary.  So please send your copy Police Notification forms to him (contact details are on the officials page).  Also get in touch if there are any errors or omissions in your list of club events - the majority have been approved but some have been held back due to queries.

Course correction VTTA/LVRC Time Trial April 18 2015

Please note that we have had to change the course for the VTTA/LVRC joint time trial on Saturday 18th April 2015.  This is due to major road works on a bridge over- running and instead of completing by the end of February the finishing date has now been put back to July.


Police Notifications to West Midlands

I've been informed that an organiser has had difficulties submitting Police Notification Forms to Lloyd House (West Midlands Police).  The department has been temporarily moved due to refurbishment and the remaining staff didn't know what to do with them!  The organiser put them right and has been assured that the forms will be passed to the correct department.

To avoid potential problems, organisers are advised to submit their PNF forms to Lloyd House well before the usual, 28-day deadline to make sure they have time to reach the right department.