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Course ID:K25/6.7C
Title:Clifford Chambers 6.7 Mile
Distance:6.68 Miles
Club events:Yes
Open events:No
Measured:2012-01-14 Brian Newton
  1. Cars to be parked only the starting layby.
  2. Warming up to be done along away from the start area. No warming up to be done on the course.
  3. No U turns to be done in sight of the start or finishing areas.
  4. Riders to stand in the layby whilst waiting to start. ( Warning board )
  5. Care to be taken at sharp bend on approach / depart from Mickleton.
  6. Extreme care to be taken when encircling mini roundabout in Mickleton. ( Warning board and Marshal mandatory )
  7. At the finish, riders to continue straight on to turn with care beyond the sight of the start / finish area before returning to the layby.
Police districts:

Grid refDetailsDistance
SP 176 484
Start in the laybye by B4632 Stratford to Mickleton road approx. 2.5 miles south of Clifford Chambers opposite Long Marston Airfield at white line adjacent to the entry to a small holding with five bar gate. Proceed south to join the B4632 toward Mickleton0
SP 167 465
At island near Upper Quinton continue (B4632)
SP 163 439
At mini roundabout at north side of Mickleton encircle island to retrace (B4632)3.34
SP 167 465
At Island near Upper Quinton continue (B4632)
SP 176 484
Finish at Long Marston Airfield at white line opposite the start.6.68

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