This section allows you to view descriptions of all the approved courses in Midland District. If you have the appropriate permissions, the course description will also include the course risk assessment and a worksheet which organisers can use for their "on the day" risk assessments..

List of areas

Courses in the KH area

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KH1Ankerdine hill (B4197) 0.65 MilesClub
KH32/1Maxstoke to Fillongley 0.98 milesClub
KH38Marchington Cliff yardsClub
KH41Brindley yardsClub
KH43Shelsley Beauchamp yardsClub
KH23Morris MountLilyhurst Road 1.803 MilesClub
KH25Stanway - Stumps Cross 1.75 MilesClub
KH32/1.4Maxstoke to Fillongley 1.43 milesClub
KH44Tong Norton 2 MilesClubOpen
KH35Newnham 400 yardsClubOpen
KH39Marchington Woodroffes 580 MetersClub
KH24Weston Bank Layby at the top of Weston Bank596 MetersClub
KH11Gorcott hill 700 yardsClub
KH5Burton Dassett 700 yardsClub
KH6Edge hill (B4086) 800 yardsClub
KH13Shelsley Walsh Hill climb Shelsley Walsh914 MetersClubOpen
KH12Romsley 1100 yardsClubOpen
KH46Clent Hill Off road 1200 yardsClub
KH9Forhill 1200 yardsClub
KH10Cobley hill 1400 yardsClub
KH2Harcourt road 1400 yardsClub
KH27Dover's hill 1487.2 yardsClubOpen
KH22Wandon 1600 yardsClub
KH17Ditton Priors 1760 yardsClub
KH21Stilecop 1760 yardsClub
KH45Clent Hill Road 1770 yardsClub
KH28Saintbury hill 2288 yardsClubOpen
KH21AStilecop 2mile 3520 YardsClub

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