Who does what on this website?

The information on this website is supplied by officers of Midlands CTT and others.  As website administrator I do my best to update supplied information as quickly as possible but users of this site should be aware that the accuracy of the content is the responsibility of the contributors.  Here is a list of the principal contributors and the information they have supplied:

Name Role Contribution Notes
David Barry District Secretary List of officers, other official notices  
Eddie Smith District Treasurer List of clubs and club secretaries  
Jeff Matthews Club Events Secretary List of club events Directy updates the information via the club events system
Don Picken Courses Secretary Course details Directly updates the information from "master" database
Ruth Eyles

Rankings administrator
Midland Women's Series co-ordinator

Reports on the Midlands Rankings

News and information on the Midland Women's TT Series

Steve Lockwood

Rankings compilation

Collection and compilation of results for the Midlands Rankings and the VTTA Series

Miranda Harris VTTA Press Secretary Reports on VTTA events  
Anyone   News, articles, pictures, etc
We will gladly accept relevant submissions for the website.

If you find anything that is inaccurate on this website please address the matter in the first instance with the person concerned - they can all be contacted using the contact forms on the officials page.  If that fails to produce a satisfactory result please contact me using my contact form.

Our privacy policy also gives information on how we handle personal information.

Steve Lockwood