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Updated - Midlands Women’s TT Series 2013 Event 2: Janet Kelly Memorial 10

Rosie Armitage

Just two weeks after the series opener, the second event in the 2013 Midlands Women’s TT series, the Janet Kelly Memorial 10m TT was held on the K33/10D Salford Priors course. Weather conditions were pretty good for time trialling – slightly overcast with a little bit of breeze. A field of 22 women was an excellent turn out. The event was beautifully organised by Beacon RCC, with a special mention for the excellent marshalling, which helped allay concerns about some of the busier junctions on the course.

Coventry CC, Open TT, 6th July 2013

Can you please post a notification on the District Website advising a Course Change for the above 10 mile TT from K11/10W to K10/10.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to secure a suitably located Event H/Q.

Barry Harden.

Farewell, but not goodbye

Eddie Smith in full flightAfter many years serving Midland District (many of them as Chairman) Eddie Smith has relinquished the Chairman's role though, as treasurer, he will continue to chase you for those subscriptions and levies!

On behalf of all Midlands cyclists, may I offer a grateful vote of thanks to Eddie for his tireless and devoted service over the years.

Steve Lockwood

“That new District Chairman, who is he?”

Steve and Chris WalkerAfter a long and memorable career as Midland District Chairman and some may say “President”, Eddie Smith has finally retired almost on the eve of his 80th birthday. He continues as Treasurer for the time being, we can’t take all his toys away at once!

Steve Walker was elected to the vacancy at October’s AGM, rising from the post of ordinary committee member.


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