Some snippets from the CTT AGM 5th October 2014

The CTT AGM took place on 5th October and the Midlands VTTA was represented by Alan Colburn and Scott Westwood. Following the usual formalities of electing the committee etc, Alan presented the detail around the reasons for the VTTA Midlands submitting the proposal to make rear flashing lights mandatory in events. After a lively debate the proposal was accepted and will be taken forward to the national committee albeit with a slightly revised wording to include that the light should be working 'at the start of the event'. It came to light (no pun intended) that at least 2 other districts have also proposed this change so it will be interesting to see the outcome of this at national level. I personally hope that it does get accepted. 
Other noteworthy points included:
1. CTT are to run a series of workshops for event organisers where each district will be allowed to send up to 5 members. I'm sure we'll see more detail around these over the coming months but 14th  March was mentioned as a possible date for the workshop.
2. Organisers were reminded that copies of correspondence such as police notification forms, startsheets and results sheets should be sent to Sheila Hardy at the Midlands CTT.
The Midlands VTTA will be promoting 2 events next season along with an additional event that is being jointly promoted with the LVRC (details of this may be found on the These are as follows:
  • 4th April K11/10T
  • 18th April K47/16 (joint VTTA / LVRC)
  • 22nd Aug k33/25s. 
3. Margaret Smith of the Shirley RC spoke to the audience about an annual event that takes place promoted by the Buckshee Wheelers. The event takes place on the Sunday of the 2nd full weekend of October each year on the K33/10 with a start time of 9:30am (meet at village hall in Salford Priors at 8am). It is run as a club event so 'sign on the line' is the order of the day. Margaret asked for more riders to support this event in coming years to ensure its survival.