VTTA MIDLANDS Group Meeting December 7 2014

VTTA Midlands Group Committee Meeting

Minutes of Meeting on Sunday 7th December 2014


  1. Members Present


Andrew Simpkins, Alan Colburn, Sue Kelly, Jeff Matthews, Scott Westwood, Steve Jenks


  1. Apologies  


Miranda Harris, Tim Wood


  1. Minutes of last meeting


Agreed as a true record by all present. No matters arising.


  1. Correspondence


AS reported that Vince Jenkins had made contact to express concerns about the changes to the VTTA points series competition. AS had a positive telephone conversation with him about the issue but it also became apparent that Vince was not entirely clear on how the competition worked.  


SW provided an update in relation to the CTT offering all member clubs a new set of numbers for £25. It was agreed that the group should take advantage of this and SW would facilitate the order. A further discussion took place about new signage. SW to also secure an order for 3 ‘big’ signs and 10 direction arrows. SW to liaise with TW to secure payment once price has been established.


  1. Chairman’s Report


Refer to AGM minutes (AGM took place immediately prior to group committee meeting)


  1. Treasurer’s Report


Refer to AGM minutes (AGM took place immediately prior to group committee meeting)



  1. Membership Secretary Report


SK gave a brief update in relation to many members renewing their annual membership. A recruitment drive is still required to advertise the existence of the group and a ‘flyer’ would be looked at in this regard. Members agreed to promote the VTTA within their member clubs.






  1. Recorder’s Report


In addition to the report given at the AGM SJ provided the following additional information:


·         The generic claim form still has a reference to ‘membership number’ even though this is no longer applicable. It was suggested that SJ contact Steve Lockwood about this in order for it to be addressed via the NEC.



  1. Editor’s Report


2015 Dates for publication of ‘Standard Times’ will be as follows:


·         End February / Early March (articles to be with JM by end jan)

·         End July

·         3rd week in November


A discussion took place about advertising within the magazine as payment had not been secured from advertisers during 2014. It was re-iterated that a fee of £50 should be charged for advertising covering a page (per advert) in all three additions. JM to contact the following about advertising in 2015

·         Echelon (no fee would be expected given existing sponsorship arrangements)

·         Red Kite Cycles (via AS)

·         Cycle Powermeters

·         Green Bike Co.


  1. Press Secretary Report


No update


  1. Annual lunch - arrangements and speaker

Ruth Eyles has accepted to be the guest speaker at the annual lunch. AS to contact Ruth Eyles and Tim Wood (in capacity of main sponsor) to ascertain whether they want to bring guests with them to the lunch.

Only twenty confirmations of attendance to the lunch had been received thus far. JM to follow up with an email reminder to all members of the group.

  1. 2015 points series / trophies


In light of the recent confusion / negative comments about the points series it was decide that the committee should look at options for change. Broadly speaking the following ideas were proposed:


·         Scratch prizes

·         Best improved since last year (publish on rolling average based on average points compared to last season)

·         New comers prize (3 rides or less in previous season = a ‘newcomer’)

·         If bands or categories were to be used then we should consider pre-allocating riders to a category at the start of the season so they know who they are competing against.


Details of the above to be published in the first 2015 edition of the standard times.


It was agreed that decisions should be made at the next meeting (February) about which events should be used for the various trophies that are awarded. AC to present a proposal relating to this at the next meeting.


  1. 2015 Group Meetings


It was agreed that the 2015 meetings should take place on the following dates


·         5th February (Shirley)

·         7th May (Shirley)

·         6th August (possibly Worcester to combine with meal)

·         5th November(Shirley)