VTTA Midlands Group Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the Annual general Meeting held on Sunday December 7th 2014 at “The Bridge”, Shirley starting at 14:30hr

 Members Present

      Geoff Williams, Bob Awcock, Susan Kelly, Graham Kelly, Andrew Simpkins, Alan Coburn, Eddie Smith, Bob Lane, Roger G, Bob Franks, Steve Jenks, B Keen, Scott Westwood


         Chris Walker, Steve Walker, Norman Fenn, Moira Goodway, Philip Howells, David Steel, Greta Spiers, Tim Wood, Jean Bayliss, Mick Gray, Miranda Harris            

 Minutes of last meeting (2013)

       Agreed as a true record by all present. No matters arising 

        Matters Arising


        Chairman’s Report (Andrew Simpkins)

The Committee


First apologies over moving the date of the AGM. We discovered the previous date was inconvenient for quite a number of members including committee members and it seemed for the best to rearrange.


Next my gratitude to the other members of the committee who have given their time and energy to keep the Group in good shape for another year. Our particular appreciation to Scott Westwood and Tim Wood who have joined this year in the important roles of Secretary and Treasurer. 



For 2014 the Committee organised two events, the April 10 on the fast K10/11T course on the A45 and the August 25 which was moved to the K33 Alcester course. Echelon Cycles also ran a ‘10’ in July on the K33 course. These all ran trouble free and attracted a good field of riders with some very good performances.


In 2015 we have the following events.






4 April Saturday



18 April Saturday with LVRC



23 August Saturday





Echelon will also be running a 10 on the K33 on 18th July.


Other events will be used for the purposes of awarding VTTA trophies – these will be announced once we have seen the full handbook for next season.


We do have a need for helpers for these events. If you could help please speak to me after the meeting.



Standards and Standard Awards


We have had a third season with the new standards and I think the initial doubts and concerns have just about evaporated as the fairness of the new system and the greater competition between all ages of vets is now well recognised.  Championship results continue to show that the top placings are well spread across the age ranges and do not give advantage to any age band in particular.


This season we have seen a return to Standard Awards from the short lived Performance Awards. The National AGM in January felt the previous system of just using the standard tables was simpler although it was pointed out that it will make awards slightly harder to achieve.



 VTTA Midlands Points Series - sponsored by Echelon Cycles.

This was the second year that we based our Points Series competition on the Midlands Rankings system operated by Steve Lockwood which includes all events on ‘K’ courses. You will have seen the results in the latest issue of Standard Times.


We had a problem with the early results this year because we discovered that the points band for the categories were not what we intended and would have produced a very uneven distribution of riders in each category so we corrected this mid season with the result that a very similar number of riders competed for the prizes in each category


Bands at July

·                     Elite and 1st   > 1100  5 riders

·                     2nd > 950  - 4 riders

·                     3rd >   11 riders

·                     4th 50 riders


It was agreed it would be much fairer for the riders if the categories were defined as follows:

Cat A: >= 1000 points

Cat B: >= 800 points

Cat C: >= 600 points

Cat D:>400 points


This resulted in category sizes of 9, 9, 10 and 12 – a good spread


However there still seems to be some problems

1.                    Some members seem to have been confused between the Midlands ranking tables and the VTTA tables used for our Points Series

2.                   Wherever we draw the points boundaries can be seen as somewhat arbitrary

3.                   It’s very difficult for riders to predict their final total of points so they could either finish at the top of one category or at the bottom of the next category. (Personally if I had scored 12 more points in my 6 events – 801 instead of 789 - I would have finished bottom of the B category instead of 2nd in the C category. But I had no way of predicting the outcome when I started my last event of the season.)


The committee may therefore propose a different approach next season. For example it may be better to allocate all members to a category at the beginning of the season (based on past performances) and then everyone would know who they are competing against and where they are in the positions for that category throughout the season.


The club competition however did produce a fascinatingly close result with Worcester St John’s beating the Walsall by the slimmest of margins 3768 points to 3762 with Stafford not that far behind with 3529.


Les Lowe Trophy


One pleasing innovation this year was the introduction of the Les Lowe trophy. It is great to have a permanent award to remember Les. We decided to award it to the rider who had competed the greatest distance in K course events and in the first year it has been won by Dave Walker.


Alan Colburn


Finally Alan steps down as VTTA President at the end of this year having made many positive contributions during his term of office. May we show our appreciation for his contribution and commitment to the VTTA.


6.      Secretary’s Report (Scott Westwood)


This is my first year, and first AGM, that I have acted in capacity of Secretary for the group. I was honoured to have been approached about the role, and given my experience in a similar capacity at Walsall Roads coupled with my support for the great work that the group do, I accepted to offer help without hesitation.

I’ve been particular impressed by the effort that goes into the midlands ranking system which the VTTA has adopted. I believe we are the envy of many other districts as this scheme offers a new lease of life for the sport and hopefully one day will be adopted nationally. I’m also fairly sure that our guest speaker at the awards lunch, Ruth Eyles, will have some interesting views on this and related topics so I’m looking forward to this.

Since the last AGM, the group have met three times with attendances from the following people:

Andrew Simpkins 3, Alan Colburn 3, Sue Kelly 3, Steve Jenks 2, Scott Westwood 2, Tim Wood 2, Miranda Harris 2 and Jeff Matthews 1.

The committee recently made a nomination for the CW Cooke trophy to the national committee for Eric Marsh given his fantastic performance in the National 25TT.

The committee were also represented at the Midlands CTT AGM where we proposed the mandatory use of a rear flashing light in all events. Although accepted at the District committee and understand that this motion was rejected at the recent national level AGM.

We will be promoting three events next year of which one will be a joint venture with the LVRC. 

Recent correspondence from the National Executive Committee indicates that the  provisional details surrounding the National events for 2015 are as follows:

·                     National 10 to take place on the V718 on the 31st of May


·                     National 25 to take place on the R25/3L on the 26th of July


·                     National 30 on the H30/1 on the 16th of August


·                     National 50 on the P885/50 on the 9th of August


·                     National 100 will be part of the long running ‘Anfield 100’ that takes place on the 25th May


·                     National 12 to be part of the Newbury RC event on the 14th of June and the National 24 is likely to be within the Mersey RC event but that is subject to confirmation.



7.      Treasurer’s Report (Tim Wood)


Apologies that I am absent this afternoon.


I'm pleased to report that the group has made a profit in the last financial year. With the groups' numbers and membership fees we will continue to walk a slim line of making a small profit/loss so anything we do can have a significant impact on this.


The two open events which we have run means that this year we have returned a profit – without them, we would not have. Using courses and dates which will attract a good size field is obviously important to optimising this in future!


We should continue to email the Standard Times to as many members as possible. By doing this, we will reduce overheads of printing and postage.


It would be worth highlighting that members need to pay the correct amount to get membership and claim their standards. We have a few over/under payments causing some confusion!


Advertising in the Standard Times has not pulled in any revenue this year so it may be worth contacting previous and new potential business'? Two years ago £160 was obtained from advertising.


Hopefully Echelon Cycles' continued sponsorship allows the series' prize fund to be large enough to be a small incentive to encourage new and existing members to the group.


8.      Editors Report (Jeff Matthews)


Jeff Matthews thanked everyone for their contributions to the standard times over the last year. The move from 4 editions down to 3 was made without any negative comments. Positive comments have been received about the overall quality of the magazine. The move to distribute via email / download has reduced the overheads associated with the postal distribution seen in previous years.


9.      Recorder’s Report (Steve Jenks)

Firstly a thank you to Alan for all the help and advice that he has given me.

Next a massive thank you to Steve Lockwood – there were a number of tasks that I had expected to undertake that   magically Steve took on by virtue of writing programs that did the number crunching.

Regarding awards, Stephen Lloyd will receive a certificate for an amazing fifty years competing in open events.

Adrian Humpage broke the VTTA national best time for fifteen miles for a 51 year old with a time of 31.55.

The standards awards replaced the performance awards and there were 15 less awards achieved, 47 last year to 32 this year perhaps reflecting the ease of getting a performance award in its’ first year. There were 4 plaques for members improving against standard in four or more distances and 16 medals, all achieved by a total of only 11 members. A lot more members actually registered at the start of the season but presumably did not achieve the times they hoped for.

Finally four members competed in the three distance and short distance awards with no entries for the BAR.

 In the national short distance award rankings, Andrew Simpkins was 114th, Murray Kirton was 103rd and Adrian Humpage was 54th.

In the national three distance award rankings, Simon Dighton was 82nd , and Murray Kirton turned the tables on Adrian Humpage – Murray was 64th with Adrian 65th – after times on standard for 25, 50 and 100 miles were calculated,  they were separated by only 12 seconds. 

10.  Assistant Recorder’s Report (Alan Colburn)

The winners of the Event Trophies are listed below with the exception of the Harry Farrell Club Shield and the Ellis/White awards.  The Farrell Shield outcome depends on the number of Standard Medals achieved and also attendance at this AGM.

Phil Brown of the Walsall has had another very successful season ending with four trophies including the season-long Jones Cup, whilst Jon Simpkins not only won the Williams Rose Bowl in our first event of the season but doubled up with the Strevens Trophy which is awarded by the NEC on a rotational basis each year.  Three trophies were won  by  Worcester St. Johns riders, Mark Corbett and Dave Walker.  It’s fitting to note that Dave is the first winner of the Les Lowe Memorial Trophy which has been re-cycled [ ! ] by the Speedwell BC.  The trophy was originally awarded for the best 24 hour ride and in the 30 year history Les’s name was the only one inscribed.  Scott Westwood and John Grumbley were successful in their categories of the Jones Cup and this year saw the welcome return of Vince Jenkins, after a spell of ill health, to lift the Bricknell award.

The Men’s BAR and Ladies BAR had no claims submitted this year but Murray Kirton of the A5 Rangers claimed the Godiva Trophy for the Best on Standard in the Three Distance BAR.



Trophy          Category       Dist.    Event                         Std/Time                   Winner


Williams           BOS                10        VTTA/Echelon                        +6.29 }                         J.Simpkins

Strevens          BOS                10        VTTA/Echelon                        +6.29 }

Wells                BOS                50        Shirley RC                  +29.25                         P. Brown                                

Victory H’cap                           50        Shirley RC                  1.35.26                        D. Walker                   

Stokes Fastest                        50        Shirley RC                  1.56.59                        P. Brown        

Steer                BOS                25        Mercia CC                  +15.09                         P. Brown                    

Bart                  H’cap               25        Mercia CC                  41.26                           M. Corbett                  

Birks                BOS                30        Mercia CC                  +20.51                         J. Costello

Bricknell          BOS                25        VTTA/Echelon                        +14.38                         V. Jenkins

Lowe    BOM                           All Open K events                   239 miles                     D. Walker                   

Harry Farrell                            Best All Round Club                                                    Solihull CC                                         

Davis   BOS                Ladies BAR                 2 x 10, 2 x 25                          No Claims      

Cyclo   BOS                Mens BAR                  25, 50, 100, 12hr                     No Claims      

Godiva BOS                Mens BAR                  25, 50, 100                              M. Kirton                    

Jones   BOS                Group Events  Overall                                                            P. Brown                    

Massie BOS                Group Events  Over 65                                               J. Grumbley               

Nomads BOS              Group Events  Under 50                                             S. Westwood              

Ellis                  Services to Group                   Men

White               Services to Group                   Women

Winners Clubs

JS – Drag2Zero,  PB – Walsall RCC,  DW – Worc. St. Johns,  MC – Worc. St. Johns

JC – Walsall RCC,  VJ – Leisure Lakes Bikes.com,  MK – A5 Rangers

[ Note:  New trophy [Les Lowe Sundial] is for most mileage in Open K courses.  Tie Breaker:  Rider finishing lowest in Points series ]

The following are included in the list of Over 70’s and should feel a special sense of achievement in still pursuing competitive riding.

E. Mowat,        M.Kirton          D. Mitchell       R.Awcock       J. Grumbley    P. Gambles     P. Rose

V. Jenkins       R. Lane

The Tom Tall Memorial Book is in my possession and I will attempt, over the next few months, to bring it up to date using my very best joined-up writing !  The last entry was for Stan Bray and I intend to include the following:  Fred Dale, Bob Maitland, Tommy Godwin, Mick Ford and Les Lowe

The recent division of duties between Steve Jenks and myself has worked well, with  off-stage help from Steve Lockwood, and I would be happy to continue as Asst. Recorder if re-elected.


Alan Colburn continued with a brief update commencing with the fact that the overall responsibility surrounding the ‘recorder’ is now well under control.  Alan went on to report that the Harry Farrell trophy winners this year were Solihull CC. All trophies awarded at the last prize dinner have been collected and are currently with the engravers in preparation for the next presentation in January 2015. Alan Concluded by expressing his desire to step down from the role of trophy secretary.


11.  Press Secretary’s Report (Andrew Simpkins on behalf of Miranda Harris)


Alan Simpkins re-iterated the fantastic job that Miranda is doing in terms of posting articles and keeping the various web-sites up to date but, in order to maintain this quality, Miranda does need more content in terms of updates / reports / articles from members of the Midlands VTTA.


12.  CTT Delegate Report


Scott Westwood provided a brief update following the recent Midlands CTT AGM. The main points were:

·         CTT are to introduce a course for event organisers where a number of representatives from each district will be able to attend.

·         The date fixing meeting revealed a potential clash of date for two key midlands events in 2015 (The Shirley 50 and the Mercia 25). As these two events have been used in the past for VTTA trophies, a re-think may be needed as clearly riders would only be able to complete in one of these events.


13.  VTTA Delegate Report




14.  Vote of thanks to the retiring committee


All members present voted in favour of this.


15.  Election of Officers and Committee


The following were re-elected en-bloc. Alan Colburn did not wish to be considered for re-election to the position of Trophy Secretary.


President – Peter Rose

Chairman - Andrew Simpkins

            Secretary – Scott Westwood

            Treasurer – Tim Wood

            Recorder – Steve Jenks

            Assistant Recorder – Alan Colburn

            Trophy Secretary – Vacant

            Editor – Jeff Matthews

            Press Secretary – Miranda Harris

            Membership Secretary - Sue Kelly


            The en-bloc proposal was made by Eddie Smith and Seconded by Bob Awcock. All members present accepted.





16.  VTTA Midlands Events for 2015


A Brief discussion took place relating to the VTTA  events planned for 2015. Alan Colburn provided the background relating to the joint VTTA/LVRC time-trial that will be run on the 18th of April on the ‘Welland Circuit’. Prizes will be awarded based on VTTA standards. There will be some interesting categories such as best on road bike and a VTTA team vs. LVRC team award.


Andrew Simpkins re-iterated the need for marshals at all of the VTTA events and, in that respect, asked members present to spread the word amongst their clubs and inform him of any assistance that could be offered.

17.  VTTA Midlands Points Series for 2015


Andrew Simpkins explained how the current system works and why changes were required part way through 2014. The committee is to make further refinements to the points series (possibility of pre-allocating riders to a set category at the start of a season) and details of this will follow.


18.  VTTA Midlands members participation in National Championships


Andrew Simpkins indicated that, in recent years, there had been a disappointing representation at VTTA national events given the number of veterans we have in the district. Moreover, given the calibre of some of the veterans it is likely that we would be firm contenders for the group award. With this in mind, further advertising of the 2015 national events will be made via the Midlands district in an attempt to secure more midlands riders to these events.


19.  Proposals to changes to the Constitution and Rules


None received
















ADDENDUM: Attendance Sheet

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