The Midlands VTTA Group Committee Meeting Minutes of Meeting 5th February 2015

  1. Members Present 

Andrew Simpkins, Alan Colburn, Sue Kelly, Jeff Matthews, Tim Wood, Steve Jenks 

  1. Apologies   

Miranda Harris, Scott Westwood            

  1. Minutes of last meeting 

Agreed as a true record by all present. No matters arising. 

  1. Correspondence 

We have had new race numbers delivered from CTT 

We are expecting some additional signs 

  1. Chairman’s Report 

AS has been sorting arrangements for the two open events. Police forms, timekeepers and results board are in place for the April ‘10’. Other committee members were asked to help provide marshals. Alan and Margaret have offered to marshal. 

  1. Treasurer’s Report 

No major items so far this year – all payments are up to date 

  1. Membership Secretary Report 

SK said 93 of a 147 members have renewed (or are HLMs) so 54 are outstanding but this is good progress for the time of year. We have 9 new members so far this year. 

It was agreed to talk with Greta Spiers and Jan Ford about whether they wanted to continue membership or just receive the magazine 

  1. Editor’s Report 

Copy date is 25th Feb for the March edition. Jeff and Andrew agreed to provide a free digital copy to women vets on Ruth Eyles’ mailing list 

  1. Press Secretary Report 

Miranda has provided details of the lunch and prize giving to the Veteran 



Annual lunch review   

We had about 48 people attending which was a bit lower than the previous year but Greta says the event still made profit. It was felt that we should stick with the 3rd Sunday in January (17th January 2016) and accept that we may clash with other events 

The service at King’s Court was efficient and the food was good. 

The committee was encouraged to donate prizes to the raffle next year. We should look to have 3 particularly good prizes to encourage people to buy tickets but not too many prizes as this makes the draw too long. 

Ruth’s talk was very interesting for everyone there even the non-cyclists and Alan did a great job again as MC. 

Alan will ask Greta if she would arrange next year

Tim will see if he can get Jamie Mitchell from Boardman to speak. 

  1. Encouraging women’s vets 

In response to Ruth’s talk we will share information on our events and competitions with her network including providing website links (see 3 below). Hopefully this will encourage more women members of VTTA. 

One thought is for us to promote a club event for people who want to try time trialling but it was felt we were best encouraging people to ride existing local club events 

See other proposals below on trophies and Points Series 

  1. Midlands VTTA website 

It was agreed to ask Steve Lockwood to set one up for us. We would make a donation to him of £200 for this.  Andrew to contact him.

 Miranda has set up a Facebook page for the Group 

  1. 2015 trophies 

It was agreed to reallocate some trophies for the 2015 season. The changes compared to 2014 are: 

Trophy                   Awarded for         Event in 2014                 2015 Date                         Agreed change 

Williams Rose Bowl        BOS 10         VTTA            K11/10T        4th April

Billy Steer Cup                 BOS  25         Mercia CC    K16/25        14th June   move to BOS for women at our Aug 25

Bart Cup                           H’cap 25       Mercia CC     K16/25        14th June    move to Hinckley 25 on 21st June

Wells Cup                         BOS 50         Shirley RC     K33/50         14th June

Victory Cup                      H’cap 50     Shirley RC       K33/50 rev   14th June   as 2014 but check they will run a handicap

Stokes Cup                       Fastest 50   Shirley RC      K33/50 rev    14th June

Bricknell Cup                    BOS 25        VTTA               K33/25          22nd August

Birks Cup                          BOS 30        Mercia CC       A30/9            3rd October   move to BOS at Echelon 10 on 18 July

Andrew will produce a table of 2015 trophy events to go in Standard Times 

Other trophies to note: 


Ladies BAR – Davies


Jones / Massy / Nomads trophies – for BoS across counting events


Mens BAR Cycloshield trophy – not awarded in 2014


Godiva cup for short distance BAR – 25, 50, 100


Andrew will check with Margaret if the Shirley event will include a handicap prize and if they will still run it 2016. If not it was agreed that we should consider running a 50 in 2016 and Tim suggested Echelon might run the event. 

Other Observations 

It was noted that no women submitted claims for the Group BAR or for the National BAR. Also few people claimed for the men’s short distance competition. 

We need to publicise these more in ST – Andrew will do this in his chairman’s article


  1. 2015 points series 

It was agreed to award prizes as follows:


Top 6 overall


Best 8 improvers over 2014


Best 3 men and best 3 women newcomers

Any 6 events on K courses are the minimum to qualify 

  1. Feedback from National AGM 

Andrew and Alan gave an update of the meeting. 

It was noted that VTTA membership is membership of a Group not of the national organization 

Group prize at National Championship – Andrew raised this for discussion and it got several positive responses. It won’t happen this year but we will raise it as a motion for next year’s AGM


  1. Next meetings 


7th May


6th August


5th November