District Committee Notice

IMPORTANT - Police Notifications

Warwickshire/West Mercia Police have received some Police notification forms after the deadline, which is 28 days before the event.  They have informed us that any further events where the forms are late will NOT be allowed to go ahead.  The district committee may also take disciplinary action against any clubs which are late in submitting forms.

It's statutory requirement to submit Police notification forms for your event - so organisers of open and club events please make sure that you submit your forms well in advance of the deadline.

CTT Matters Newsletter

The latest copy of the newletter is here - with news about recent and upcoming events.  There's also a special offer on sets of numbers if your club promotes a time trial this year.

Safety Advisory Group

Minutes of the March meeting between representatives of CTT, Police, Highways Agency, LVRC, BC and Warwickshire County Council can be found here.

Traffic Counts

The guidance note on traffic counts was updated last year.  In case you haven't seen it, here's a link.