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Here you will find everything you need to know about time trialling in the Midland District of Cycling Time Trials. Events organised by clubs from Banbury to Stafford, Malvern to Rugby, Birmingham and the surrounding areas are included, both informal club events (no pre-entry needed) and more formal 'opens'. Whether you want to find an event to ride, look up the route of a course or check on the results of one of the Midlands competitions, you should find everything here. Contact details for all the district officials are also given so if you're not sure about anything or think anything is missing, why not contact them? Also, please see our contributors page to find out who supplies information for this website.

Latest News

VTTA Midlands and Echelon C ycles Open 10 mile time trial – K11/10T - Saturday 4th April 2015

There was an oversubscribed entry for this early season ‘10’ but a number of apologies meant that all reserves did get a ride.

Di Cooke 10

Rachael Elliott and Bert CarpenterHere are some pictures of Coventry CC's Di Cooke 10 help on 2nd May 2015.  You may download the pictures for personal or club use.


District Committee Notice

IMPORTANT - Police Notifications

Warwickshire/West Mercia Police have received some Police notification forms after the deadline, which is 28 days before the event.  They have informed us that any further events where the forms are late will NOT be allowed to go ahead.  The district committee may also take disciplinary action against any clubs which are late in submitting forms.

It's statutory requirement to submit Police notification forms for your event - so organisers of open and club events please make sure that you submit your forms well in advance of the deadline.

CTT Matters Newsletter

The latest copy of the newletter is here - with news about recent and upcoming events.  There's also a special offer on sets of numbers if your club promotes a time trial this year.

Safety Advisory Group

Minutes of the March meeting between representatives of CTT, Police, Highways Agency, LVRC, BC and Warwickshire County Council can be found here.

Traffic Counts

The guidance note on traffic counts was updated last year.  In case you haven't seen it, here's a link.

The Welland Trophy 2015 The VTTA versus the LVRC

The idea for this event was conceived after an informal meeting between the VTTA and the LVRC  in the middle of last year and after months of planning and discussion – the day finally arrived.  Saturday 18th April was bright and dry but with a very chilly easterly wind and at 14.02 the first rider started on the hilly 12.5 mile circuit around Malvern.  The co-organisers were Mike Amery [ LVRC ] and Alan Colburn [ VTTA ] with generous support from Tim Wood at Echelon Cycles, Pershore wh


Pheonix Velo Novices' event

2015 off to a Flying Start!

Rankings Rider of the Month – Rhiannon Davies (RST Sport – AeroCoach)

Midlands CTT Facebook Page

You might notice in the top right corner of this page a link to our new Facebook Group.  This is a public group which anyone can view and anyone can join.  You are welcome to use this group to post news, information and photos of your club's time trials.  So please join, like, share and use it to tell us your TT news.  To post on the group you need to click "join" - we'll  approve requests to join as quickly as we can.

Click here to see the Facebook Group

The Midlands VTTA Group Committee Meeting Minutes of Meeting 5th February 2015

  1. Members Present 

Andrew Simpkins, Alan Colburn, Sue Kelly, Jeff Matthews, Tim Wood, Steve Jenks 


The Welland Trophy for the VTTA/LVRC Time Trial April 18 2015

The Welland TrophyFollowing the recent course correction for the joint event on April 18th, we have just received a beautiful photograph of the brand new “Welland Trophy” that will be presented on the day to the winning team.  Entries, by mail or Internet, to Mike Amery – closing date about 10 days befo


Worcester St John's CC 25 - 7th March 2015 - K34/25


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