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In this section we will publish links to photo galleries of local events. Amateur and professional photographers alike can send links to their online galleries using the contact form. All photos are the copyright of the photographer unless otherwise stated so check with the copyright holder before using them.

July 22nd Mids Champs helpers n stuff

Bromsgrove Olympique 10 - 7th July 12

Bromsgrove 10Here are some photos of the Bromsgrove 10 on Saturday 7th July

Some cycling history

1896 cartoonThe following links might be of interest to some, particularly those with long memories.

I've finally "digitised" the old Speedwell BC albums.  The Club album contains memorabilia going back to the 1880s and also covers several years of our Mountain Time Trial - there are plenty of riders featured who are still going strong:

The Open 100 album covers the history of our Open 100 from 1889 to 1989.  Again some familiar names

I was sent an athlete's record book (price 1 shilling in 1886) for a G A Henson, who was in, variously, the Speedwell BC, Midland C&AC, Polytechnic Harriers (London) and Edgbaston Harriers.  This also contains some pictures and news clippings.  There are a couple of satirical cartoons about the amateur versus professional debate, dated 1896.
Henson also seems to have taken part in the Wenlock Olympics of 1892 - there's a reference to a corroborating article here

Some of the print is very small and quite faded but most of it is readable if you do the following:
 - Click on a picture to see it full size
 - Click on the magnifying glass to zoom in
 - Use the slider at the bottom of the page (or the mouse wheel) to increase the magnification
(Yes, there really is a sleeping cat unknowingly acting as a copy stand on a few of the pages.)

Beacon LMTT & Hill Climb

HelperPhotographer Edward Moss took these excellent pictures of the people who helped on the Beacon Little Mountain TT.  He has since extended the collection to include pictures of the beacon Hill Climb.


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