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Policy For Fair Processing of Personal Information

This website is maintained and owned by Matlock Business Solutions Ltd ("Matlock").  Where personal information is shown on this site we aim to process that information fairly and within the terms of the Data Protection Act.  This document sets out to explain how we process personal information.

The purpose of the information

Information is primarily held on behalf of the Midlands District Council of Cycling Time Trials ("MDC") as a resource for people and organisations involved with the sport of time-trialling.

In addition, we hold information on behalf of other people and organisations, which are involved with aspects of the sport of time-trialling.  These other organisations include, but are not limited to:

  • The Veterans Time Trials Association ("VTTA")
  • Midlands Women's Time Trial Series ("MWTTS")

The information which we hold

 Personal information is held and displayed on the following websites:

In addition, we hold other information, which is not displayed on the website.

The following table is not an exhaustive list but is intended to summarise the main classes of personal data which we hold:

Title Description Source Destination
Officials Contact information for officials, timekeepers, handicappers, course measurers
Midland DC
Clubs Contact information for clubs Midland DC Websites

Name, club, date of birth

Results and reports of races

Standing in competitions:

  • Midlands Rankings
  • Midlands SPOCO
  • Midlands Women's Time Trial Series
  • VTTA competitions

Event organisers
Other publicly available sources

Competition organisers, eg SPOCO, Rankings
News and information
Information of interest to readers of the website: results, commentary, future events (and details of organisers) CTT
Event organisers
Competition organisers
Events Lists of events may include details of event organisers CTT
Event organisers


"Stop" lists Names of people who wish their information to be withheld.  For example, we need to hold a record of people who have opted out of a competition. Individuals -

Email addresses

Email addresses of CTT and club officials are held on our system but are not disclosed on the website.  A contact form facility enables users of the website to contact those people without knowledge of the email address.  Email addresses supplied in news and information may not be hidden in this way.

Management of personal information

  • We aim to comply with the Data Protection Act and are registered as a "Data Controller" with the Information Commisioner.  Our registration number is Z6763741.
  • Individuals may make a "subject access request", which asks us to inform them of what information we hold about them.  We will normally do this for free but we reserve the right to charge the statutory fee (currently £10).
  • Individuals may request us to correct or remove information from our system.

Requests from individuals should be sent to:

Steve Lockwood
Matlock Business Solutions Ltd
131Crabtree Lane
B61 8PQ
contact by email

Specific opt-out provisions

It is possible for a person to opt out of the Midlands Rankings.  The rules governing this are set out the Rankings website,, under "The rankings explained".

What we will (and won't) do

Any personal data is held purely for the purposes outlined above:

  • We will not sell personal data
  • We will not pass personal data on to other organisations, except for the purposes outlined above
  • We may produce statistical information from the data which is of interest to those involved in the sport (for example numbers of participants etc).  This statistical information will be processed so that no individuals can be identified.


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We aim to limit use of cookies on this website to essential purposes only.  This aim is complicated  by the fact that the site is constructed using Open Source software from a variety of sources which may use cookies for their own purposes; as far as we can tell these cookies are there purely to aid operation and not for tracking your use of the web or other inappropriate purposes.  The summary below lists how cookies are used on this site and will be updated as and when we observe other use of cookies.

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