The 2014 Season Comes to a Close

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A free massage goes to the rider with the greatest increase in points in the month
Pos Name Inc in
1 Chris Parsons (4th Cat)
Rugby RCC
2 Paul Guest (3rd Cat)
Worcester St Johns CC
3 Ryan Kenworthy (3rd Cat)
4 Steven Loraine (4th Cat)
Hinckley CRC
5 Peter Blackwell (3rd Cat)
Solihull CC
6 Jeffrey Matthews (3rd Cat)
Team Echelon - Rotor
The rider with the greatest increase in points in the year
Pos Name Inc in
1 Liz Powell (1st Cat)
Mike Vaughan Cycles
2 Mark Burnham (3rd Cat)
Coventry Road Club
3 Shin Braich (4th Cat)
Leamington C & AC
4 Stephen Radmall (3rd Cat)
Hinckley CRC
5 Stephen Eggleton (4th Cat)
Stratford CC
6 Martin Lines (2nd Cat)
Worcester St Johns CC

In the Midlands District the time trialling season came to an end with a quartet of 10-mile events in September and an exciting new hill-climb event at Shelsley Walsh at the start of October. Leamington C&AC promoted a 10 on the A45 course near Coventry including their annual gentleman’s two-up as well as a solo event. Next came the Coventry RC 10 on the Princethorpe course and in the last weekend of September there were two events promoted by VC Sevale in Malvern and Wrekinsport CC. The Shelsley Walsh hill-climb was promoted jointly by Worcester St John’s CC and Wyre Forest CRC on the hill-climb closed roads of the “home of motor sport in the Midlands”. What an amazing venue for a time trial!

As it is the end of the season we are able to look back and see who has made the most progress in the rankings during 2014. The table below shows the riders who have increased their points scores the most since 2013 (only including those who had done five counting events at the end of the 2013 season). Many congratulations to Liz Powell (Mike Vaughan Cycles), Mark Burnham (Coventry RC) and Shin Braich (Leamington C&AC) who have made the most progress in events this year. All of these have demonstrated consistent improvement – no doubt through a lot of hard work and determination. Liz in particular has stood out in many events in 2014 and she has climbed up the rankings to be the leading woman in the district. Well done to Liz, Mark and Shin.

As usual we also acknowledge the progress of a rider who has achieved a big improvement during the last month but who would otherwise go unnoticed in the rankings. A huge “well done” to Chris Parsons of Rugby RC who is our Rider of the Month in September. Chris has ridden 8 open events in the district this season and has ridden consistently better in every one. He achieved a very short ‘23’ in the Leamington 10 in early September and then another great performance in the Coventry 10 sealed his award of ‘Rider of the Month’.

Congratulations to two riders who moved up to 1st-cat this month. Andy Convery (Wyre Forest CRC) has been a 1st-cat before but not since 2010 - although he has been a prolific local competitor since the inception of the rankings in 2009. So very well done to Andy on achieving his highest points score (925) in six seasons and promotion back to 1st-cat! Another rider who has moved up to 1st-cat is Chris Spencer (RLS CC). In contrast to Andy, Chris is brand new to Midlands time trials, only riding his first event in May. He rapidly proved his ability with several top-10 placings and a 20-minute 10 in the Rugby RC 10 in July and now moves up to 1st-cat.

Promoted to 2nd-cat in September, Keith Burden (Rugby RCC) finished the season with a two strong performances in the Leamington and Coventry RC 10s, so clinching 801 points and nudging into 2nd-cat for the first time.

Each month riders appear in the categories for the first time when they initially complete five counting events. Well done to Elliot Maynard (Media Velo) and Richard Chamberlain (Coventry Road Club) who have made their first appearances in the categories as 3rd -cats and also James Ratcliffe (Fred Williams Cycles) who has parachuted straight into the ranks of the Elite.

Congratulations to all riders on their successes.

Ruth Eyles

*** Update 8/11/2014 ***

We've made a change to the rankings calculation to separate the top-placed riders.  See "The Rankings Explained" and look at tie-break points to see more.