Midlands Time Triallists overdose on 10s!

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A free massage goes to the rider with the greatest increase in points in the month
Pos Name Inc in
Martin Staines (3rd-cat)
Worcester St Johns CC
Brian Jones (4th-cat)
Halesowen A & CC
Callum Hibbert (4th-cat)
Worcester St Johns CC
Xavier Disley (2nd-cat)
RST Sport - Aero Coach
Mark Allen (4th-cat)
Worcester St Johns CC
Stephanie Peters (4th-cat)
Team Jewson - M.I.Racing - Polypipe

** Rider of the Month – Martin Staines (Worcester St John’s CC) **

Greatest increase in rankings points – up 141 points

If you wanted to ride 10-mile time trials in May you had six different open events from which to choose – the catalogue of 10s which took place were promoted by the Coventry CC, Stratford CC, Beacon RCC, Royal Sutton CC, Walsall RCC and Bromsgrove Olympique. The first of these was the very popular Diana Cooke Memorial 10 at Wolvey with 52 women and 102 men competing. The Stratford, Beacon and Bromsgrove events were all on the Alcester-based Dunnington – Salford Priors course while the Royal Sutton 10 used the Thurlaston-Ryton course on the A45 near Coventry and the Walsall 10 was at Weston near Stafford.

The only non-10 mile event was the BDCA/VTTA 23-mile event promoted by the Stafford Road Club.

In total in May in the Midlands District 589 rides were done by 325 riders, of whom 68 were women.

There are four riders who have progressed up a category in May, either for the first time ever or for the first time in several years.  First of these is our Rider of the Month, Martin Staines (Worcester St John’s CC) who has made very notable progress so far this season and moved up to 3rd-cat. Inspiringly, Martin is not a newcomer to cycling or to time trialling but he achieved a rapid 22:19 in the Beacon 10 for 17th place and his highest rankings points score for many years. With a total increase in points of 141 points in May he has won the Rider of the Month prize of a free massage from Sam Boswell of SBR Massage.

Another rider returning to 3rd-cat status after several years away is Olav Martin-Giles (Media Velo) who had a quiet year in 2013 but has worked his way back up steadily in the last 12 months to 84th place in the rankings.

Meanwhile two riders who are fresh to 3rd-cat are Lewis Jones (Rugby RCC) and Roger Foster (Corley Cycles). Lewis started riding open events regularly in 2014 and his terrific ride of 21:54 for 17th place in the Bromsgrove 10 surpassed all his previous rides and carried him up to 3rd-cat this month. However, Roger Foster has been riding Midlands open events regularly since 2010 and his rise to 3rd-cat must be all the sweeter for being achieved with just 601 points (600 points are needed for 3rd-cat). It was Roger’s 57th place in an extremely large field at the Coventry CC 10 which clinched those final few points he needed.

Each month riders appear in the categories for the first time when they initially complete five counting events. Well done to the following riders who have appeared for the first time in the categories (above 4th-cat):

  • Matt Sinclair (Team Lutterworth Cycle Centre) - Elite
  • Piotr Klin (Coventry Road Club) - Elite
  • Matthew Millward (Worcester St Johns CC) - 1st cat
  • Christopher Halford (Stourbridge Velo) - 1st cat
  • Andrew Green (Team Lutterworth Cycle Centre) - 1st cat
  • Paul Tomkins (Team Lutterworth Cycle Centre) - 2nd cat
  • Andrew Overton (Wyre Forest CRC) - 3rd cat
  • Andy Craig (Rugby RCC) - 3rd cat
  • Stephen Biddulph (Born To Bike) - 3rd cat
  • Mike Murray (Team Echelon – Rotor) - 3rd cat


We now have an online home for discussing time trials in the Midlands District – make sure you are a member of this Facebook group  and join in the discussion about what’s going on.

Also, if you don’t appear in the age-category rankings it is because we do not have your date of birth in the database of riders. Kindly drop us a message to let us know your date of birth so we can amend that

Well done to all riders on their successes and progress.