Four Big Events in July

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A free massage goes to the rider with the greatest increase in points in the month
Pos Name Inc in

Jack O'Neill (1st cat)
Mike Vaughan Cycles

Martin Millington (3rd cat)
Stratford CC
Stephen Cooke (4th cat)
Walsall RCC
Lewis Jones (3rd cat)
Rugby RCC
Callum Hibbert (4th cat)
Worcester St Johns CC
Andy Craig (3rd cat)
Rugby RCC

** Rider of the Month – Jack O’Neill
(Mike Vaughan Cycles) **

Greatest increase in rankings points – up 226 points

With just four open events taking place in the Midlands District in July the field turnouts were very encouraging with 95 riders on average riding each event. On the first weekend there was the Coventry CC 25-mile TT based at Princethorpe and then three 10-mile events followed on the next three weekends. Firstly the new club Media Velo promoted their first open event, again on the roads around Princethorpe, before Team Echelon-Rotor organised an event on the Alcester 10-mile course. Finally Rugby RCC finished July with one of the biggest events of the year on the popular Thurlaston-Ryton A45 course.

Our Rider of the Month in July has achieved a feat nobody has previously managed – to leap across two categories! U23 rider Jack O’Neill of Mike Vaughan Cycles has stepped up his time trialling this season after riding just a couple of open events in 2014. He has progressed from being outside the top 10 at the start of the season to achieving a 2nd and a 3rd place in July in the Media Velo and Rugby RCC events. Many congratulations to Jack on jumping from 3rd-cat to 1st-cat in July. He wins a free massage from Sam Boswell of SBR Sports Massage.

Two other riders have progressed up to a new category for the first time in July. A big well done to Rhiannon Davies (RST Sport/Aerocoach) who has been a prolific rider at Midlands events this season. A strong showing at the Rugby RCC event gave her the necessary extra points to add to steadily improving points in events in May and June and she moves up to 3rd-cat.

Another local rider who has been seen at many events in the last 12 months is Jeremy Stone (Solihull CC) and he has become a 1st-cat for the first time in July. Consistently good performances in all of the Coventry CC, Media Velo and Rugby RCC events have given Jeremy 24 extra points and his first foothold amongst the 1st-cats.

Each month riders appear in the categories for the first time when they initially complete five counting events. Well done to the following riders who have appeared for the first time ever in the categories above 4th-cat (or for the first time for a number of years!):

  • Robert Gibbons (Hinckley CRC) – 1st cat
  • Tim Ashton (Royal Sutton CC) – 1st cat
  • David Watson (Coventry RC) – 1st cat
  • Graeme Davidson (Kenilworth Whlrs) – 2nd cat
  • Peter Smith (Team Jewson) – 3rd cat

We now have an online home for discussing time trials in the Midlands District – make sure you are a member of this Facebook group  and join in the discussion about what’s going on.

Also, if you don’t appear in the age-category rankings it is because we do not have your date of birth in the database of riders. Kindly drop us a message to let us know your date of birth so we can amend that

Well done to all riders on their successes and progress.