Reading the CTT entry form (and .docx files) in older versions of MS Word

The MS Word version of the CTT entry form uses the latest version of MS Word.  If you don't have the latest version here are several ways you can access it without buying more software:

  • If you already have an older version of Word download the MS Office Compatibility pack. This will let you open the document in an older version of Word.
  • Use OpenOffice instead of Word (it's free!).
  • Use Google docs, an online word processor (also free).  Sign up for a free Google account to give you access to Google docs.
    • Download the entry form from the CTT website and save it to disk.
    • Upload it into Google docs
  • Use an online convertor: Zamzar and Docx convertor are examples of these which you should be able to find on the web.
  • Here's an article which gives you a few more ways.

Also, opening the form directly from the CTT website might give you problems depending on how your web browser is set up.  It may be better to save the file to your computer and work on it from there.