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Final placings in the Echelon VTTA Rankings competition

Last reminders for all claims

If you intend claiming for any of the categories below please remember the following closing dates:

Scott Westwood reveals all

I'm delighted that Scott has agreed to tell us a little bit about what's behind this great athlete....

While the cat's away.... some mice do play


August was not the busiest months for the time trialling, but a few mice took advantage of the holiday season to move up a category. Starting with the 4th cats, Peter Rose and John Griffin completed their sixth race of the season to earn a category and Moira Goodway moved up to 3rd cat riding the Coventry CC 25 to gain the necessary points. Simon Wix is the new leader for this category having ridden the www.echelon.co.uk/VTTA Midlands 25 organised by our chairman Andrew Simpkins. Apologies to David Walker who has been omitted from the report - he is currently a third cat with 818 points. Both first and second categories see a change in leadership - having lost Phil Clark to the group above, Richard Coleman is just six points ahead of Sue Smith in category two and in category one, Mark Mullender lies thirteen points in front of newly joined Clark.

End of the summer holidays sees a few changes in the categories

Although a little skeptical about the new Competition Series, I must say I have quite enjoyed reporting on the new format. It would be good to hear your feedback too so if you have a spare moment, why not drop me an email and tell me what you think.

Final standings in the Jones, Massie and Nomads competitions - history repeats itself

The last counting race in our Midlands calendar has now been completed and the final positions for the WE Jones, Bill Massie and Nomads Competitions have been decided, with some changes at the top to both the Jones and the Massie competitions after the final event.

Midlands summer 25 mile TT a success on last minute course

VTTA Midlands Echelon ran its summer 25 mile event on the rather sporting K34/25 course between Cookhill and Worcester on Saturday 10th August. There was drama in the week before the event when one of the event officials discovered, while at a nearby club event on the Tuesday evening, the road by the start had been dug up and traffic lights were in place.

The WE Jones, Bill Massie and Nomad Trophies after six events

No change at the top of the Jones competition with Scott Westwood retaining his prime slot and increasing his +, however now that Phil Brown has been rightfully included, you can see there isn't much in it between the top three. Wood and Coleman swap positions as do Clark and Moseley, again quite closely bunched together.

Mid summer update for the VTTA Echelon Points Series

Well I'm not sure we can complain about the weather in July with an abundance of sunshine and warmth. Maybe that isn't strictly true - the only event I rode was on July 13th, when I recorded 34 degrees on my garmin. I had expected it to be really nice riding in the warm sun, but I was so red faced by the end, I thought I was going to explode. Only two more events to go and then I will get a category! We now have 56 riders eligible for the Echelon Series with 30 having reached category status.

Dont forget - important reminders for all VTTA Midlands riders

The nominated event for the Joe Birks Cup [Best on Standard]  over 30 miles is the Mercia "30"
on 7th September on the A30/7 course.

Closing date for claims for the three Distance, BAR competitions and National Age Records is the 18th October to the new Group Recorder Alan Colburn. Closing date for claims for the new Performance awards is 1st November to the new Asst. Recorder Steve Jenks. And finally the closing date for inclusion on the Over 70's racing list by 1st November to Group Recorder Alan Colburn.


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