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VTTA Midlands Points Series at the end of June

After a very exciting weekend of sport including the Lions victory, Frome's yellow jersey and the best of all, Murray winning at Wimbledon, it is time to report on the drama in the new VTTA Midlands Points Series.

WE Jones, Bill Massie and Nomad Trophy after five events

So far in the W E Jones competition for Best Plus on aggregate on Standard, there are a few changes from 2012 with Westwood moving into first place from third position, Weare drops to second, although there isn't much in it and Coleman comes in at third. In the Bill Massie Best Plus on aggregate on Standard over 65 years, there is no change at the top with Kirton sitting it out in first place, but second and third sees two riders from Coventry CC, Bob Awcock and newcomer Andrew Gardner respectively - less than one minute separate the two positions.

VTTA Trophy winners for 2013

We have six Trophy winners so far for 2013, with several new names.

VTTA Points Ranking for May 2013

I am pleased to say the Series is well and truly underway with 10 riders having completed the necessary six rides to gain a category. So far Stafford RC seems to be dominating the Series.

No suprises to see that Karl Moseley and Scott Westwood have gained Elite status already and Rob Weare and Mark Mullender are now ranked as 1st cats. It won't be long before Phil Clark joins the upper rankings of the Series, having completed five races so far.

Coming soon - an update on the new Series competition

I hope it won't be too long before I can add a report on this year's competition. Apologies for my silence this season - I hope to make up for lost time soon!

VTTA Points Series - 2012 result

The new VTTA points series includes a prize for improvement on last year. Here is last year's result in detail so people can check it and report any errors - this is an updated and corrected version of the table which appeared in Standard Times. If you see anything that needs correcting please let me know using the link provided.

Click to see the result

Steve Lockwood

Rules for the Points Series VTTA Midlands Group 2013

VTTA Points Series - April

Here are the results for the VTTA Points Series as at the end of April.  If you spot any errors, please let me know - you can send a message via this link.

The series also has a prize for the most improved rider since last year, for which purpose we will be producing an updated 2012 ranking.  (The 2012 ranking published in Standard Times omitted some riders so we will be rectifying that.)

Steve Lockwood

Change of Start Time for VTTA 10, Sat 13th April, now 9:01 am

Owing to the availability of the HQ we have had to move the start time to 9:01am, making the event a morning one. We know a number of riders prefer this and hope it doesn’t inconvenience others.

All other details as per the handbook.

Jeff Matthews

VTTA Midlands Group Awards Lunch

Although snowy conditions meant a few guests were unable to make the celebratory Awards lunch, quality made up for quantity. Guest speak, Joe Summerlin, Chairman of the VTTA Notts & East Midland Group and member of the UK Anti Doping Agency was made welcome.



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