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VTTA Midlands Awards Lunch

Midlands Group Awards lunch on Sunday 20th January 2013 at 12 for 12.30.  You too could be a Bradley Wiggins. Please book soon to avoid disappointment - promises to be a great occasion and a perfect way to start the New Year.
To be held at Kings Coughton Hotel, Kings Coughton, Alcester.  For more details please contact Greta Spiers. Tickets are £15.50 and there is a main course option.
"Jasmine Cottage"
25 Cleve Road
B50 4NX
01789 491119


Midlands VTTA/Echelon Points Series 2012

At last I can reveal the winners of the Echelon Points Series 2012 after a lengthy delay to verify the results! The last race of the season took place on September 15 and was expertly organised by Jeff Matthews, VTTA committee member, who was well assisted by other committee members, friends and local teams, including sponsors Echelon Cycles. The race, which took place on the K33/10D course was blessed with good weather. Despite a cold start to the day, it was sunny and clear with minimal wind, although there were still a few who felt the breeze!

VTTA Points Series after 7 events

Seventeen riders enjoyed superb conditions on the seventh event of the Points Series. It was sunny and dry and provided Jon Simpkins with a very fast winning time of 51.55 with Rob Weare claiming another winning Standard time of +12.49 after he finished fourth in 55.28. Chairman Andrew Simpkins, no relation to Jon, was the host on the day and he commented on the number of 40+ riders who are not members of the VTTA. Maybe we need to spread the word a bit further on the advantages of joining the Association for the next season?

VTTA Points Series after 6 events

Here is write-up of the points series after 6 events

VTTA Trophies after 5 events

The following Trophies are calculated on the eight events counting for the Points Series.

Points Series 2012 after 5 events

Conditions were perfect of the fifth event of the Points Series. It was warm, sunny and still. There are some people who like a bit of westerly wind on this course, as it does provide some assistance for the final stretch on the A46, however for the Echelon K33/10D, organised by Pete Ward and his team, the riders had to do all the work. It was nice to see a Vet, and a Points Series contester, win the event. Scott Westwood took another 20 points in group 40-49 with 20.44. He stands in fourth place behind the Semples and Phil Clark.

Opening events for the VTTA Points Series 2012

2012 promises to be a most exciting year for sport. After a thrilling end to the Premier and the Champions leagues, we have the European Championships to look forward to, followed by Wimbledon, the Tour de France and of course, the Olympics. Running alongside all these events is the promise of something equally exciting – the new VTTA Standard Tables, where, unlike the Olympics, everyone can win a medal.

The first event of the season for the Midlands VTTA was in fact a double event on the K48, organized by Stafford Road Club, with a ten mile on the Saturday followed by a 23 mile race the next day. Conditions for the race were summery, with the UK recording some of the hottest temperatures in Europe over the weekend.

Saturday 26th May K48/10

It was fitting that home rider Sue Semple recorded the quickest women’s time of 25.41 (2.52*), just two seconds slower than the same race last year. In the prize money for the men were Stuart Walker, Walsall RCC in 22.00, Jeremy Pile, VC Sevale, 22.04 and David Kieran, Rugby RCC with 22.31. In fact Mark Mullender was actually third overall with 22.29 but he topped the Vets on Standard table with 4.14 to collect £25, so Kieran picked up £15 for third.

Mullender has moved up an age category, which is a relief for the youngest age group but not much ‘fun’ for the one above. Mullender assured me at the Awards lunch he can only do a ‘limited’ amount of training a week compared to many, so well done to him for starting off in fine form. Also collecting prize money for the Vets on Standard were Philip Brown, Walsall RCC, 23.20 (4.08), Rob Weare, Leamington C & AC, 22.54 (3.53), Neil Coventry, St Ives CC, 23.21 (3.39) and David Cossey, Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT, 23.10 (3.33).

Sunday 27th May K48/23

Once again Sue Semple recorded the fastest time for women with just 57 seconds over the hour (5.40). In second place was Sam Anderson, Team Jewson-MI Racing with 1.03.25. Breaking the course record from 2009 and winning an extra £50, Charles Taylor, South Pennine RC finished in a spectacular 49.23, over two minutes fastest than Stuart Walker in 51.34. Third and fourth were Steve Batsford, i-ride.co.uk and Andy Moore, Mammoth Lifestyle with 52.12 and 52.15 respectively. In the Vet's Standard the first three were the same riders as for Saturday's race but this time Philip Brown claimed top place, 54.25 (9.45) with Mullender second,  52.49 (9.33), followed by Rob Weare, 53.07 (9.24) and Paul Robinson, Lyme RC with 53.32 (8.30).

So on to the Points Series and things look promising for the 40 - 49 age band with 11 entrants, five of them new for 2012. Last year only three riders rode four events, so let’s hope fresh blood will put that right. This year competitors will be rewarded for riding more than four events which means that the more ‘you're in it’, the more likely you are to ‘win it’.

Straight in to the hot spot is Phil Clark, Rugby Velo, 23.12 (3.27)/55.13 (6.59) and clocking up 37 points with a Semple double act in joint second Sue and Alastair, 23.05 (3.13)/55.56 (5.25), both have 34 points. As well as Clark, new faces for this season include, Mark Carter, 25.34 (.25)/1.03.08 (-2.33), Walsall RC, Jon Sadler, Baines Racing Silverstone, 22.40 (3.43), Paul Robinson, Lyme RC, and Mic Lee, Royal Sutton CC, 54.22 (7.50).

Simon Dighton, Beacon Road CC, 24.40 (1.55)/58.15 (3.47), is not far behind the Semple’s with 30 points, followed by Richard Hill, Stafford RC, 24.51 (1.18)/59.16 (1.43) and Mark Carter with 28 and 26 points respectively. So far all these riders completed both events to give them a head start in the Series.

Riders who completed the 10 included Jon Sadler and Jacqueline Hobson, Warwickshire RC, 29.27 (-.49) who finish with 20 and 13 points respectively. And finally those who rode the 23 included Paul Robinson, Mic Lee and Adrian Manning, Wyre Forest CRC who collect 20, 19 and 15 points respectively.

There were eleven riders in the next age group 50 - 58 with eight completing both events. No surprises who goes straight in at the top with 40 points - Mr Mullender but Weare is snapping on his heels with 38 points and so is last year’s winner, Steve Wilkins, Walsall RCC, 23.37 (3.27)/56.31 (6.41) with 35 points. Other riders who rode both events included David Wood, Wyre Forest, 24.56 (2.17)/58.25 (5.09), Michael Dalton, Bromsgrove Olympique, 26.02 (.58)/ 1.01.47 (1.15), Mark Shore, Walsall RCC, 26.22 (0.34)/1.02.16 (0.35), Stephen Cooke Walsall RCC, 27.50 (-.54)/1.09.27 (-6.36) and Terry Shough, Worcester St John’s, 24.16 (2.27)/1.00.00 (2.22). Shough and Karl Davies, Stourbridge Velo, 25.08 (1.35) move up to this age category and Dalton and Wood are newcomers for the 2012 season. Wood and Shough collect 31 points each with Dalton, Shore and Cooke on 27, 25 and 23 respectively. Riding just the ten were Neil Coventry, Richard Coleman, Stourbridge Velo, 24.22 (2.56) and team mate Davies, who complete the table with 18, 16 and 13 points respectively.

Quite a few new faces made up the select 59 – 66 age group with last year’s winner, Phil Brown present and reclaiming his pole position with a full house after riding both events. The four newcomers rode the ten only; Alan Roberts, Stone Wheelers, 28.17 (-.26), Andrew Dalloway, Walsall RCC, 29.10 (-1.19), Victor Trigger, Crewe Clarion Wheelers, 31.20 (-1.32) and John Baddeley, Stone Wheelers, 30.27 (-2.22) finishing up with 19, 18, 17 and 16 points respectively.

Once again there were 11 riders in the 67 and over age category with a mixture of newcomers, regulars and two riders, John Gumbley, Coventry RC, 26.23 (1.49) and Robert Franks, Redditch R and PCC, 30.14 (-2.02)1.14.48 (-8.52) moving up from the group below. Gumbley and Franks finished second and third in last year’s 59 – 66 group and currently stand in sixth and third place with 19 and 31 points respectively. In first place is Murray Kirton, A5 Rangers, 27.49 (0.56)/1.05.12 (2.04), with 38 points, taking advantage of Mr A Colburn’s absence! Other regulars riding two events were Phil Gambles, Walsall RCC, 27.50 (0.30)/1.06.27 (-0.13) and Peter Rose, Mercia HBM CC, 36.01 (-7.41)/1.38.35 (-32.21) who finished with 36 and 28 points respectively. Michael Harbourne, Warwickshire RC, 25.32 (2.56), who finished third last year rode the ten finishing with 20 points after a good ride. Robert Mowat, Oldbury & District CC rode the 23 mile race in 1.11.15 (-3.35) and collected 18 points. Newcomers Dave Handy, Kidsgrove Wheelers, 28.04 (0.04) Ramon Hill, Stone Wheelers, 30.33 (-0.13) and Harry Morgan, Solihull CC, 31.15 (-3.03) all rode the ten and collected 16, 15 and 13 points respectively. Another regular in this group, Reg Pearce, Stafford RC, 38.40 (-7.48) has started off the Series well to collect 11 points.

Finally may I apologise for a lack of details about the conditions. Where I was in Gloucester with my son, doing a triathlon, it was extremely hot and windy! May I apologise too for an enormous amount of numbers made worse by the fact it was a 2 day event and of course, any errors are unintentional. Ideally I would have produced four tables with all the times, Standards and points for you to look at – maybe that’s a thought for next time!! (Miranda Harris June 9 2012)

*All times reported are plus unless stated otherwise.

 Miranda Harris

VTTA: Secretary’s Jottings

Once again if you haven’t already started it’s time to start thrashing those turbos within an inch of their life, pushing up the weekly mileage, counting the calorie intake and setting this year’s targets.

I don’t know about you but for me this is probably the hardest time of the year to motivate myself, what with Xmas festivities not long past and with Easter fast approaching, it doesn’t help of course if you’re a chocoholic as well.

This year sees an eight race points series for the Midland’s Group, with most of the courses being quite quick. This in conjunction with the bonus points system now available to riders doing more than the minimum four points series rides, will also make for an interesting league table this season.


VTTA Awards Lunch 2012

Miranda Harris writes:

On a cold and very windy day, VTTA members, new and old came together to celebrate another year of Awards and enjoy a very convivial lunch. Before the main proceedings begun, there was exchange of winter training progress and plans for the forthcoming season. Mark Mullender, under 50's and Age Group winner has to take the opportunity to train and race whenever he can, with shift work patterns dictating how many hours he can devote to his sport. On the other hand, Gary Shuker with three standard medals 10, 25 and 50 miles and two personal bests over 25 and 50 miles devotes 23 hours a week to training and wants to go faster this year as a result of all this hard work. Michael Deamon, 25 mile Handicap winner, expressed a desire to improve on his time of 57.46 but has to be satisfied with eight hours a week with 60 miles being his longest ride.


Points series Event 7 September 10 2011

Miranda Harris writes:

For those of you who don't know me, I am the new VTTA press secretary. I seem to have inherited a few similar positions over the last two years, which has made a pleasant change from some of the other writing I do. It's always good to write about something one is passionate about specially when there are some interesting and amusing characters to liven up what could be a rather dry numbers game. I will try my hardest to provide you with both.


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