Midlands Women’s TT Series - Conditions

1) The Midlands Women’s Series is open to any female cyclist who is at least 12 years of age.

2) The Series comprises 7 events as published at the start of the season. If for any reason the organising club does not hold an event as planned, an alternative event may be selected by agreement with the same or another promoting club. This change would be communicated through the Midlands DC website.

3) Event results will be published on the Midlands DC website as follows:

a) Improvement to PB
b) Actual time
c) Veterans time on standard

Personal best performances (last three seasons) will be used to calculate riders’ Improvement to PB. For riders with no previous performance of any kind in a cycling time trial a standard time based on 20mph will be used for their first event. If a rider has a previous performance at a different distance, a sensible average will be determined at the discretion of the Series Administrator.

4) Three Series Competitions will be run based on Improvement to PB, Veterans on Standard and Actual Times. After each event points for each of the three competitions will be awarded as follows:

The first placed rider receives 100 points. The remaining riders score points in proportion to the number of riders that they have beaten. The formula for calculating your points score is:

  • ((Number of people you beat or equal + 1) ÷ (number of finishers)) x 100
  • This is rounded to the nearest whole number

5) Each rider’s three best points scores will be used to determine their place in the Series standings. In the event of a tie the riders’ 4th best result will be used. In the event of the result still being a tie the 5th best results will be used and so on.

6) The winner of each competition will hold one of the Chris Goodfellow Memorial Bowls for one year. Medals will be awarded to the first three riders in all three competitions.