Midlands Women’s TT Series - Entry to Events


In time trialling each measured course which is used for racing is represented by a course code. In the Midlands District all the courses start with a ‘K’. You can find the details of the courses here.

Types of Events

There are two types of events in the Series – Open Events and Club Events. Entry to each type of event is different so please note carefully the following:

Club Events – There is no need to pre-enter these events. Come along to the meeting point in plenty of time for the start of the race, sign-on, pay the entry fee and join in. The entry fee for each event is payable to the promoting club. This is normally of the order of £2-£3 and will be collected by the host club’s officials at signing-on.
NB: The meeting point for club events is usually in a layby close to the start. If you are unsure where to meet other riders for a club event then please don’t hesitate to contact the Series Administrator here.

Open Events – These must be pre-entered before the closing date using a standard CTT entry form or online via the CTT website. You can find a standard CTT entry form (and all the details you will need to complete it and send it to the Event Organiser) here . You will receive a start-sheet for the event from the Event Organiser by email or post during the week before the event. This will give full details of the event HQ and your start time.

Host Clubs

All Series events are normal events that are taking place irrespective of the Women’s Series. The promoting club has kindly agreed to welcome the Women’s Series riders to that event. Men will also be racing at the same event but the club officials may set the women off in a group before or after the men so that the women can compete amongst themselves. If you have a male partner or friend who would like to race too then they will also be very welcome.

Event Results

The host club will often publish the results of their events online on their club website or on the national CTT website (here) and/or on a printed or emailed results sheet. For the Women’s Series events the event results (for only the women who have entered the Series) and a race report will be published on the Midland DC website under the Women’s Series section a few days after each event.